North Texas KidsGiving Day

Kidsgiving and NTX Giving Day Sponsor

Donate to the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA with our tiered donation levels! There is a level for everyone. We hope to have all these activities and events for our members and community for the 2021-2022 school year. Help us make all these amazing things happen for the kids and their parents!

Powered by the Communities Foundation of TexasNorth Texas Giving Day is an opportunity for people throughout the country to donate to their favorite nonprofits. Donate to Carrollton Early Childhood PTA this year on North Texas Giving Day, Thursday, September 23rd from 6 am till midnight.

Donations can be made online at:
Type CECPTA in the search bar to find our unique donation page. Our direct page URL is:
North Texas Giving Day

NTx Giving Day is Thursday, 9/23! Donate directly to CECPTA starting 9/1!


What is Kidsgiving Day?

Kidsgiving is a day dedicated to encouraging kids’ entrepreneurial aspirations while affording them a philanthropic learning opportunity. Let’s get to $5000 for North Texas Giving Day.

Last year, 11 families with a total of 18 kids set up lemonade stands, shops and provided services in the Carrollton area to raise money for CECPTA and local community partners. A give-tastic success, many CECPTA families, friends, neighbors and community members showed up in support of the kid-entrepreneurs, who raised $1,205.77 for charity on Kidsgiving Day alone. In the days following their huge success, these kid-entrepreneurs went one step further, challenging supporters to stretch their goals even further by matching their donations. Their calls were answered and they were able to raise their total to an astounding $2,415, all donated to charities in support of North Texas Giving Day. 

What can you do?

Well, our biggest and best resource in CECPTA is our adorable children.  We want to teach them not only to be generous, charitable, compassionate people, but also to foster their entrepreneurial spirits. It’s important to teach them about work and the value of money. Kidsgiving Day is a combination of an opportunity for your children to earn their own money with their own skills, and an opportunity for them to give back from their money to something they love and working together to come up with a way to earn money.  

The possibilities are endless!  

 Sign up this year and get engaged with our community and teach our kids the value of giving back. Every family who signs up will have an opportunity to match funds with family and friends and give a portion of the proceeds to one of CECPTA’s Community Partners!  We will use this info to compile a map of times and locations, services and prices, so we can support each other’s children with their entrepreneurial experiments.  

But that’s not all

Even if you think your children are too little to participate, you can still help. 

  1. Support some of the children on Kidsgiving Day, September 18th online and in person

  1. Advertise, share and comment on social media.  Posts with interactions get more views. When you spread the word to all your platforms, more of our community can get involved. 
  2. We would love to have a company match our donations, and Kidsgiving Day is an adorable and unique campaign that your company, your spouse’s or friend’s business could get behind. If you would like more information on how corporate matches can happen, please email to help support you through the process.

Let’s all be superheroes this year!