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 What is the CECPTA?

The Carrollton Early Childhood PTA serves parents, grandparents and caregivers for children from newborns to age 6. Anyone in the Carrollton and the surrounding area is welcome to join.

Why would I join an Early Childhood PTA?  My child isn’t even in school yet.

Learning begins at birth, so we strive to provide a solid educational foundation by offering playgroups, fun activities, support and learning opportunities for all of our members. We are part of the National PTA.

What does the CECPTA do? 

We have monthly meetings with informative speakers, field trips, holiday parties, playgroups and Members’ Night Out activities, in addition to many other programs including community service projects. Your yearly dues support our activities, speakers and children’s programs.

Do I have to go to the meetings? I just want to join for the parties and playgroups.

No, attendance is not mandatory at any of our meetings. Lots of people join just for those very reasons, and many never attend a meeting.

I would like to attend a meeting, but I don’t know anyone in the PTA and feel awkward coming alone.

This is a prevalent feeling among new members, and we want you to feel welcomed and befriended. Let us know that you are new when you arrive, and we will make sure to introduce you to a returning member who will show you around and make you feel right at home.  Also, attending playgroups is a good way to get to know others with same-aged kids before you come to a meeting.

How do I join?

You can now join via mail or online. Visit our Join Now section for more information.

You can join any time of the year!  Try a meeting (nursery reservations and fees still apply) and playgroup FREE before you join!

Do you have questions about joining CECPTA?
Contact our Membership Chair Jennifer Bueno