May 2016 Newsletter


The picture above is from the Family Picnic Party that recently took place on the 30th of April.  I would like to thank Eli for organizing the event and to those who made the effort to come out that day.
About 76 guests RSVP’d for this event and roughly 30 showed up. Eli was contacted by not a single person informing her that they will not be able to make it. The amount of no shows was so disturbing that it lingered with me for a while and I felt the need to address it now.
I understand that events and circumstances happen where it hinders you to participate in the event you had RSVP’D for.  If this is the case, please contact the organizer of the event to inform her so that she can adjust her plans accordingly.  This is just common courtesy, plain and simple.  I do not like to see the resources of CECPTA being spent on events where members just don’t show up. And I don’t like to see our organizer whom volunteers their time and efforts to put together such events just to have it become a Plan B for you.  No one likes to be a Plan B.

With that said, I hope you make tomorrow’s meeting your Plan A as PediaQ has generously offered to cater our Mother’s Day Brunch. If you would like to RSVP, change your RSVP, or look up your RSVP for the brunch.

See you tomorrow,
Hoanyen Vo
CECPTA President 2015-2017



May 13th –  9:30am: General Meeting at Holy Covenant Church with a Mother’s Day Brunch catered by PediaQ
May 27th – 10 am: May Social at the park. For more information and to sign up, check your email from
July 9th – 6:30 – 8:30: Save the date for our End of Year Pool Party. More information to come from
September 9th – 9:30am: The next general meeting (no general meetings during the summer)