Nursery Reservations

During our general meetings (Sept-May) children can enjoy a program or activity of their own in our Nursery/Play Class. Children will have the opportunity to enjoy the Infinite Bounds facility, they also get a snack and an educational session from CECPTA during this time.

The children are divided by age and cared for by qualified workers. Your cost is lower if you pre-pay for annual reservations, or you can also pay at each meeting with advanced reservation.

Nursery Rates are as follows:

Use the General Meeting Registration form to make your Nursery reservations!

All families participating in our Nursery services will be required to complete the following waivers prior to entrance.

Infinite Bounds Facility Waiver

CECPTA Nursery Policies and Liability Release Form

CECPTA COVID-19 Participation Consent Form

Have any questions? Contact our Nursery Chairs, Jessica Parker and Erin Shepardson.