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What is CECPTA?

The Carrollton Early Childhood PTA is an organization dedicated to providing activities, support, friendships, and education for parents of children aged newborn through preschool. We are a part of the same network of PTAs that you find in public schools, but since our children are babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, our focus is geared more toward this age range and we have lots of FUN! Possibly the biggest reason for becoming involved is to meet, socialize and network with other parents in the Carrollton area.

We sponsor activities and playgroups all year, even during the summer. Our members live mainly in the Carrollton area, although anyone with children under 6 years old is welcome to join.

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We hold regular meetings once a month, September through May, some of which feature speakers whose topics include child development, parenting issues, and various other topics of interest to parents of young children.



In addition to monthly meetings, we regularly host activities, meet-ups, and playgroups based on your child’s age. If you have multiple kids, you will have access to each aligning age group’s calendar and siblings are always welcome to attend any event!

Blue 9/2017-8/2018
Purple 9/2016-8/2017

Our 3rd annual CECPTA tradition of giving back to the community continues with Kidsgiving Day on September 17th. Last year our kidtrepreneurs raised $5,931 exceeding the goal of $5000. This year, we will go even bigger with our Petite Farmers Market-themed Kidsgiving Day event!

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Kidsgiving Day

What is Kidsgiving?
Kidsgiving Day precedes North Texas Giving Day (9.22.22) in which CECPTA offers its members an opportunity to teach kids philanthropy and civic engagement through education, volunteering, and giving.

Where is it?
At one location in CASTLE HILLS VILLAGE SHOPS! (No more pop-ups in different parts of Carrollton.)

How can I participate?
Simply sign up for your Farmers Market stall to sell goods. If you would rather shop, visit us at the Petite Farmers Market on September 17th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Invite your family friends and neighbors to support CECPTA (and your friends).

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