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Top 16 Kid-Friendly Walking Trails in Carrollton, TX

If you enjoy hiking and exploring nature with your kids, then Carrollton is definitely a great place to be! With numerous walking trails and parks located throughout the city, there is no shortage of places to explore! But when you’re walking with little ones in tow, you want to know which trails are the most kid-friendly, right?

We’ve got you covered. Our list of kid-friendly trails includes only PAVED PATHS, so they are all stroller friendly! It also specifies which trails have nearby playgrounds, water fountains, shade, and most importantly, restrooms! Potty-training parents, rejoice! While this is not a full and complete list of all the trails Carrollton has to offer, we hope that this will be a helpful resource for local parents who want to share their love of running, jogging, walking, or just meandering around exploring nature with their children!

List of Kid-Friendly Trails:

Furneaux Creek Blue Trail 

This trail is 4.25 miles long, so it is definitely one of Carrollton’s longer trails, but it is a nice paved path to walk even just a section of with your kids. It begins in the Nob Hill Greenbelt and ends at Hebron Parkway. Amenities include picnic tables and benches. Make sure your children wear closed toed shoes so they can do some exploring in the designated natural wildflower area! It’s located just off the pathway near the north end of the trail by Branch Hollow Park. Branch Hollow Park also includes a playground and pavilion so you can stop and enjoy a picnic! Keep in mind there are no restrooms at this park. 

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Furneaux Creek Orange Trail

This trail is 1.75 miles long, and connects to the Blue Trail near the playground at Tree Line Park and ends near the railroad tracks, northeast of Frankford Road. You can stop to let your kids play at the playground, or walk alongside the greenbelt if you are looking for a scenic route! Unfortunately, there are no restrooms located along this trail. 

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Hutton Branch Purple Trail

The Purple Trail is 1.75 miles long, running between Steenson Park and Kelly Boulevard. It features paved walkways, lighting running along the path, two playgrounds, located at Ward Steenson Park and Keller Springs Park, plus a pavilion, a water fountain, and park benches. This trail does not have any restrooms. 

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Hutton Branch Green Trail

This 1.86 mile trail starts at Sherwood Lane and ends up at Denton Drive. It runs past the W. J. Thomas Splash Park, so this would be a good one to walk during the summer months and then let your kids cool down at the splash pad! The W.J. Thomas Park also includes a playground, pavilion, and restroom. The Green Trail also runs through the Jimmy Porter Park, which includes a playground, pavilion, and more restrooms. Potty-training parents can happily walk this trail!

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Josey Ranch Path

1440 Keller Springs Rd.

This 0.76 mile Josey Ranch Path includes 3 trail-loops through a greenbelt and around a lake, offering some natural, scenic views. It also goes right past the Carrollton Public Library at Josey Ranch Lake, so you can take a break from the Texas weather and stop in and check out some books! This path also includes restrooms and a playground, so there is something for everyone on this trail!

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Rosemeade Pool Path

1334 E. Rosemeade Parkway

While this is a short walking path at just 0.6 miles, it may be just what you need to get a quick walk in before heading to the Rosemeade Park playground or the Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex with your kids. This path connects the two, and runs in front of the Rosemeade Recreation Center, so you can stop in and use the restroom and get out of the Texas weather.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Woodlake Tennis Courts Path

Located East of Thompson Elementary

This 0.5 mile trail connects to the Purple and Orange Trails, as well as the bike path along Scott Mill Road. If you forget to bring your water bottle, there is a water fountain located at the tennis courts along the path. There are no restrooms along this route, but it is an easy trail if you are just looking for a quick walk.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Oak Creek Park Loop

2537 Oak Creek Dr.

Located by the Oak Creek Park and Tennis Center, this 0.5 mile loop has a playground and pavilion, so it’s perfect for a picnic and some play time! There are trees lining the pathway, so depending on the time of day, you may be able to enjoy some shade! Since the path forms a loop, you can walk the whole trail and end up right back where you started. There are no restrooms located along this trail.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Oakwood Springs Park Loop

1817 Hamilton Rd.

This 0.33 mile loop goes around a pond, and a playground with a large shade covering at Oakwood Springs Park. Perfect for those sunny days! There is even a water fountain, and a pavilion as well, so pack a picnic lunch to bring along! There are no restrooms at this park.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Harvest Run Loop

4334 Spurwood Dr.

Another short 0.33 mile trail, this path wraps around the Harvest Run Park. The park includes a playground, picnic tables and a pavilion, and a water fountain. There are no restrooms located at this park.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Mary Heads Carter Park Loop

2320 Heads Ln.

This 0.33 mile trail runs along the Mary Heads Carter Park, which has the largest playground in Carrollton! The playground has several shade coverings to provide some relief from the sun, and there is a very large covered pavilion as well. It also has a lovely water view of the nearby ponds. And yes, it even has restrooms! While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Little Free Library, maintained by CECPTA!

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Clifford Hall Park Loop

Located at the NW Corner of Jackson Rd. & McCoy Rd.

One of Carrollton’s shorter trails, this 0.25 mile looped path winds around Clifford E. “Bill” Hall Park. This park features a playground, pavilion, and a water fountain. The walking path also has pedestrian lighting, for when you want to take an evening stroll. There are no restrooms.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Gravley Park Loop

1508 N. Perry Rd.

At just 0.25 miles long, this path wanders through the Gravley Park located directly adjacent to the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum. Make sure to stop in when the museum is open and take a free tour! This trail is great if you are simply looking for a place to walk and enjoy nature. There is a water fountain along the trail, but no restrooms, playground, or pavilions.

Photo Credit: cityofcarrollton.com

Harold K. Bessire Park Loop

1117 Dentonshire Dr.

This pathway is just a short loop around this small neighborhood park, but there are lots of trees covering the path and providing shade, a small playground with a sandbox, and a water fountain. There is also a pavilion next to the playground. If you’re looking for a place for the kids to play, and also want to take a quick stroll around the park, then this might be just what you’re looking for. There are no restrooms at this park.

Photo Credit: google.com/maps


Oak Hills Park

1210 E. Hebron Parkway

Another quick loop around the park, this pathway surrounds a playground and splash pad. It’s great for the summer months so you can let your kids cool off after your walk! There is also a covered pavilion, and a restroom! There is even a Little Free Library, so you can borrow a few books while you’re there!

Photo Credit: google.com/maps

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trails

6701 W. Parker Road, Plano

Okay, so this one is not actually in Carrollton, but it made it onto this list as a bonus because it’s located just on the other side of the Plano/Carrollton border, and it has approximately 3 miles of paved nature trails. There is also a large playground with separate “big kids” and “little kids” areas, three covered pavilions, restrooms, and a water fountain. Along the trails, there are heavily treed and shaded areas, as well as sunny grassy areas, and a creek. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike up to the observation tower for an amazing view. As it is a nature preserve, please make sure you and your children wear closed toed shoes, since there is always a possibility of venomous snakes and poison ivy. Keep in mind that this park does tend to get very crowded, especially on weekends, so you may have to hike a ways from the parking lot to get onto the trail.

Photo Credit: plano.gov

About the Author:  Amber Gorski has been a member of CECPTA with her daughter since 2018 and is in the Purple playgroup. She has served on the board as the Children’s Programming Chair and is currently the Publicity Chair. When she is not doing activities with the PTA, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and their three fur-babies. She also enjoys doing embroidery, making jewelry, and finding fun crafts to do with her daughter.

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