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25 Acts of Kindness to Complete with Your Kids

As a parent, one of the most important values I want to pass down to my daughter is kindness. Imagine how different this world would be, if everyone practiced kindness and empathy. While I may not be able to change the world, I do have the ability to make my own corner a little brighter by modeling kindness to my daughter. As we celebrate this season, I’ve been reflecting on how to involve my daughter in spreading some holiday cheer. I wanted to find things she can do “all by herself”, or at least be very involved in.

After a lot of thought, I put together this list of “25 Little Acts of Kindness”, which I am sharing here in hopes that it inspires you to get your own kids involved to brighten someone’s day, (and hopefully your day, as well!)

Feel free to print this list out and hang it on your fridge, then work your way down the list or let your child pick out something they are excited about doing! You could do an act of kindness together every day, one per week, even once a month or whenever the mood strikes you. Whatever works for your family, I hope you enjoy doing these little acts of kindness together, as you show your kiddos that kindness matters!

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About the Author

Amber Gorski has been a member of CECPTA with her daughter since 2018 and is in the purple playgroup. She has served on the CECPTA Board as the Children’s Programming Chair and is currently the Publicity Chair. She is the gal behind the scenes of our social media handles and the hashtag queen. When she is not doing activities with the PTA, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and their three fur-babies. She also enjoys doing embroidery, making jewelry and finding fun crafts to do with her daughter.

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