All about ME(mbers): CECPTA Member Spotlight

A new school year is upon us, which means a new year of CECPTA fun! We wanted to take this opportunity to get to know some of our fabulous members and their wonderful kids. Here is our 2022-2023 Member Spotlight! 

Why did you join CECPTA?

“I was looking for mom friends.  I had recently quit my job to be a SAHM and I needed adults to talk to during the day.  I was so lost.  Being a new mom is hard.  And you should never have to do it alone.  CECPTA saved my sanity. <3” – Sarah Bennett, Green group

“To make mom friends and find fun activities for my kids!” – Caroline Townsend, Orange/Blue/Green groups

“To get useful info about opportunities in the area” – Ghazaleh Naghizadeh, Red group

“To find a supportive community of moms to connect with and new friends for my kiddos to play with!” – Jen Speer, Green group

“Even though I grew up around here, I was the first one in my friend group to have kids, so I was in desperate need of mom-friends! Guess what – I found some! ” – Sara Podley, Green/Red groups

“From a friend’s introduction” – Lily Qian, Blue group

What is your favorite childhood memory?

“Eating raw green beans my dad grew in our backyard” – Marley Gardin, Orange/Yellow groups

“Every Sunday afternoon, my dad would mow the lawn while all the kids swam. When he was done, he would jump in the pool with his clothes on and we’d order pizza!” – Erin Norton, Yellow group

“My favorite childhood memory is making tortillas & tamales with my grandmother. She’s never tried a store bought tortilla. We always had fresh tortillas available. Some of you may have enjoyed a dozen or two of my fresh homemade tortillas!!!” – Jenn Morales, Blue/Red groups

“Picking acorns in the Fall and reading Boxcar Children books outside!” – Julie Davidson, Orange/Yellow groups

“Summers spent with my grandparents in the country 😊” – Caroline Townsend

“Visiting a small beach town near Puerto Vallarta called Sayulita.” – Sofia Rienstra, Purple/Green/Red groups

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

“To be an engineer” – Ghazaleh Naghizadeh

“Marine Biologist” – Lizie Pilicy DC, Red group

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a cashier so bad, lol!” – Sarah Hess, Blue/Green groups

“Professional shopper 😆” – Jennifer McKee, Purple/Red groups

“I wanted to be a singer.  I remember singing for anyone who would listen.  My poor, poor family.” – Sarah Bennett

“I always said I was going to be a doctor. I mean – what else is someone supposed to be when you make good grades? (Sarcasm) When I started filling out my paperwork for college and needed to pick a major, something in my brain clicked. Why in the world would I go to school for that many years when I just wanted to stay home and have babies?! Teaching it is.” – Sara Podley

What snack can you not live without?

“Popcorn” – Faith Webb, Purple/Green/Red groups

“Goldfish” – Carrie Thomas, Blue group

“Chocolate anything, for sure!” – Torey Black, Red group

“Cheez-Its!” – Jen Speer

“String cheese” – Julie Davidson

“Ice cream” – Caroline Townsend

What is your favorite mom’s night out (or in!) activity?

“I love a food, paint, and sip!” – Sofia Rienstra

“Dave & Buster’s, I was just chatting with a few moms the other day about how fun Dave & Buster’s can be as an adult only night out. We were talking about planning a night out at D&B soon!” – Jen Morales

“Wine, charcuterie, and The Bachelorette!” – Erin Norton

“Skating” – Faith Webb

“Dinner at a new restaurant or game night” – Kristin Merron, Red group

“Low key girls hang at someone’s house with snacks and just good chats!” – Julie Davidson

What is your favorite family activity?

“Beach day” – Lily Qian

“Playing games together or swimming!” – Jen Speer

“Eating out together at a restaurant, especially a kid friendly one with a playground!” – Caroline Townsend

“Little outdoor adventures and a treat” – Torey Black

“We love to spend the mornings at Rosemeade Rainforest.” – Carrie Thoams

“Bike rides” – Kristin Merron

What is the best part about your kid’s age?

“My boys are 17 months apart (2 and 3) and are like glue. I love that I can send them upstairs to play on their own now (which usually ends up in destruction) but at least they can entertain themselves and enjoy playing together!” – Sara Podley

“Conversations & singing together” – Lizie Pilicy DC

“He’s so easy to get to smile and laugh” – Marley Gardin

“Oh gosh, what’s not to love about my toddler’s funny facial expressions, his growing vocabulary, tender heart & being carefree. My preschooler is full of joy, has a big heart, is empathetic and lives life like it’s her last day! I’d like my elementary kiddo to slow down and stop growing. Can we just pause time? Every year I say their specific age is my favorite and it’s always for different reasons. I remember telling my now 7 year old that I didn’t want her to age after 3. We still talk about how in that moment and year it was my favorite age.” – Jenn Morales

“The amazing rate he’s growing. It’s challenging but awesome to see his mind working” – Kammie Powell

“I love all the little words/sounds they can’t say correctly. They are just so adorable. Example: hangabooger = hamburger” – Sofia Rienstra

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing your kid has ever done?

“Asking LOUDLY and repeatedly “Is she a girl??” about our cashier at Target who was in fact a teenage boy with long hair” – Caroline Townsend

“Farting in front of my manager” – Ghazaleh Naghizadeh

“We are in the potty-training phase with our youngest boys. As you can imagine, this means as soon as they feel the urge to pee, those pants come flying down. Ray does a good job of pulling his pants up, but my son Maverick still needs a little help. He traumatized a group of young school girls one day when he ran through the park with his pants around his ankles looking for me to come pull them up for him.” – Sarah Hess

“Everson is constantly running outside naked to ride on his scooter and he yells “I naked” all the way rolling down the sidewalk” – Kammie Powell

“Smeared kitten poop all over his bedroom!! Urggg – Using his monster truck, he stamped kitten poop all over the walls, carpet, sheets, pillow cases, bed spread, posters, stuffed animals, posters, etcetera…. Lesson learned: never leave a 2 year old alone with a kitten during nap time. ;)” – Lizie Pilicy DC

“Screaming “HELLO!” to everyone until they say it back” – Torey Black

What is your favorite Carrollton park/playground?

“Fire Truck Park” – Jennifer McKee

“Harold K. Bessire” – Kristin Merron

“For now, Kids Corral/Mary Heads Park since that’s the one I grew up playing on.” – Marley Gardin

“The Pirate Park in Castle Hills!” – Sofia Rienstra

“Cedar Elm Park!” – Jen Speer

“I love The Fields at Carrollton Parkway. It’s the best of both worlds. There are two covered play structures: one for the littles and one for the older kiddos. In between the play structures is a splash pad, which is amazing during warm days. All of my children enjoy this park.” – Jenn Morales

Big thanks to our members who contributed to this Member Spotlight! We bet you all learned something new! 😉

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Kelli Morales is a Texas native who lives in Carrollton with her husband Raul, toddler daughter Grace, and pet rabbit Buddy. She enjoys yoga, watching reruns of The Office and Friends, and exploring the outdoors with her daughter.

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