Cinco de Drinko

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Why is Cinco de Mayo such a celebrated holiday? Well, you see, on May 5th of 1862 the Mexican Army had a major victory. The Mexican Army won the Battle of Puebla against France in the Franco-Mexican War, I want to reiterate here that they won a battle, this is not Mexican Independence Day. This is simply known as Battle of Puebla Day. Believe it or not, this holiday is pretty minor in Mexico and celebrated more by Mexican Americans here in the states.

It’s a Celebration

  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo Social Run in Frisco at 6:15P

Learn more here.

  • May 8: Cinco de Mayo Beer & Tequila Walk from 12-6P

Tickets are $20 per person – a bunch of the CECPTA mamas will be there, so purchase your ticket now!

Staying In? I got you

I know ‘Rona is still going strong, so I have some at home options for an excellent day! So you’re going to throw some Mariachi music on, personally I recommend Memo Quintero, mix up some pitcher margaritas and make some carnitas in the slow cooker. Yup, super easy. I’m going to link my FAVORITE carnitas recipe below – it’s easy peasy and the best part is that you cook it in a crockpot. As for margaritas – you are going to take lime juice to the rim of your glass and then some Tajin (it’s a fruit seasoning, actually the best). After that, throw some ice in your glass. Purée some watermelon, lime juice, and jalapeño (seedless for no spice, but the more seeds the tastier). Take your favorite tequila (I prefer Anejo) and your mixture and shake with ice in a tin and then strain over your ice in a cup. Voila! 😘

The best carnitas ever: https://pin.it/48EZNij

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