31 Days to a Clutter Free 2021

Messy bessy? Are you talking to me? Why yes, yes you are because I am QUEEN of the clutter and the hoarding. I’m THAT mom with boxes of baby stuff in the garage because “maybe, one day I’ll need it” and the Tupperware with no lids or lids with no dish, mismatched single socks, yep, I keep them all … you know “in case, one day it appears from the abyss.” If these notions are hitting home, then I think I’m also talking to YOU! That’s okay, because you’re not alone and CECPTA has created a 31 Day Clutter Free home calendar!

Download here.

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Follow the calendar and tag CECPTA in your posts as you clean your home @carrolltonecpta. We want to see everyone’s before and after – and YES, you will also be seeing mine, too. Let’s be each other’s cheerleaders on this journey of getting rid of the old, for the new (see what I did there because New Year – I’m not a dad, but I got jokes).

A Few Helpful Tips:

  • The Closets: I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this one, because I like everything to be in order, but it’s a GREAT tip! So here is the deal, take all your hangers and turn them facing out – why? Well, as you wear things throughout the year you replace the hangers the normal way and in July (halfway through the year) you’ll be able to see everything you haven’t worn and can’t argue with yourself about why you are keeping it. Pretty amazing, huh?

  • The Bathrooms: Clean out the old make-up while you’re doing this – the mascara that is four months old & the lipstick you never wear, while you’re at it get under those cabinets and throw out all of the lotions you haven’t touched in a hot minute.
  • Craft Supplies: The shreds of paper that “you’re sure you’ll do something with” need to go. All of those stickers for the scrapbook you’ll get to … five years ago, yeah, you can let those go.
  • Books: Donate these to our little library at Mary Heads Carter Park! Let another kid in town enjoy what your kids or you no longer enjoy. That’s right our library is for adults, too.

Remember if you are tossing it, but it still works or is in good condition – your trash may be someone else’s treasure, so donate, donate, donate OR use the CECPTA Buy, Sell, Trade page. Can’t wait to see everyone’s decluttered spaces!

If this wasn’t enough of inspiration for you, check out these two amazing finds: Becoming Minimalist & Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Nothing will get you into the cleaning mood like these two gems. So go, be free of clutter!

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Lauren is a mom of two kids, Wyatt (4) & Audrey (1) … & the fur baby, also known as the OG, Luna Bella. (Oh & Mustard the fish). She is married to one heck of a guy, Troy, who she met in college. She has a Bachelors in Behavioral Analysis and a Masters in Social Work, currently she is navigating the life of a full time working mom as a hospice social worker for Centric, but has also juggled the jobs of stay at home mom & work at night mom. She is the red playgroup coordinator and a member of the yellow playgroup. She loves cold brew, crafting, reading, and margarita nights with the hubs.

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