2020 Carrollton Early Childhood PTA Grant Recipient

The Ridge Preschool

Director, Lucy Samways

On May 27, 2020, the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA presented its first-ever Preschool Community Development Grant to Lucy Samways, Director of The Ridge Preschool in Carrollton, Texas, for the school’s “Outdoor Learning Project: Planters and Easels.” The $1,500 grant will fund The Ridge’s development of four child-height planters and two outdoor acrylic art easels, which fulfills the objective of the CECPTA grant program: to support the physical, mental, social and spiritual education of local preschool-aged children by funding a project that supports local educators and inspires them to create meaningful, innovative and practical educational experiences. 

“I’m incredibly grateful,” said Samways upon being presented the grant. “This is going to impact the lives of The Ridge Preschool children, the lives of The Ridge Church and those of the local community. You’re doing a great job, thank you.”

In her grant application letter, Samways shared The Ridge’s objectives in adding the planters and easels to the preschool’s outdoor classroom, including a desire to engage children and their families with nature to enhance their cognitive, emotional and social, physical and spiritual development. The Ridge Preschool Board Member Deborah Bird also sent a letter of support, stating, “I believe this project is important because of the real difference it can make in the lives of our children who attend the preschool, their parents, and the other groups impacted by our church.”

This 2020 grant marks a new initiative of CECPTA, as the organization intends to offer the Preschool Community Development Grant on an annual basis going forward. Grant candidates must operate as an early childhood educator in the Carrollton or Farmers Branch, Texas, area, show a $1,500 need to support an idea or program that benefits early childhood development, and provide a clear plan for use of the grant. Educators interested in applying for the 2021 grant should visit cecpta.org/grant for information available beginning Jan. 2021. 

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