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Kidsgiving Day

North Texas Giving Day is coming up fast on Thursday, September 23rd, and we have a great way to participate with our second annual Kidsgiving Day! 

What is Kidsgiving Day? 

Kidsgiving is a day dedicated to encouraging kids’ entrepreneurial aspirations while affording them a philanthropic learning opportunity. 

Last year, 11 families with a total of 18 kids set up lemonade stands and shops, providing services in the Carrollton area to raise money for CECPTA and local community partners. A give-tastic success, many CECPTA families, friends, neighbors and community members showed up in support of the Kidtrepreneurs who raised $1,205.77 for charity on Kidsgiving Day alone. In the days following their huge success, these Kidtrepreneurs went one step further, challenging supporters to stretch their goals even further by matching their donations. Their calls were answered, and they were able to raise their total to an astounding $2,415, all donated to charities in support of North Texas Giving Day.

What can you do? 

Well, our biggest and best resource in CECPTA is our adorable children.  We want to teach them not only to foster their entrepreneurial spirits but also to be generous, charitable, and compassionate people. It’s important to teach them about work and the value of money. Kidsgiving Day is a combination of an opportunity for your children to earn their own money with their own skills and an opportunity for them to give back from their money to something they love.  

The possibilities are endless and for inspiration, our kid-trepreneur businesses included…

  • “Sweet & Squeeze” by the Ngo & Shah families – sold homemade lemonade, boba tea, treats and masks to benefit CECPTA & City House.
  • “Pumpkin Bread & Fall Crafts” by the Christopher family – sold pumpkin chocolate chip bread & fall crafts to benefit CECPTA.
  • “The Hess Kids” by the Hess family – sold lemonade, popcorn, and cookies; offered window cleaning and porch sweeping services to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Wyatt’s Bakery” by the Reynolds family – sold six cookie varieties to benefit CECPTA & Ronald McDonald House.
  • “Otter Popsicles” by the Peckham family – sold a rainbow of popsicles to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Poop Cleanup for a Cause.” by the Peckham family – offered pet poop clean up services to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Pernell’s Popcorn” by the Wales family – sold popcorn, bubbles, and treats to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Buddies & Brownies” by the McKee & Rienstra families – sold three types of brownies to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Chloe & Sienna’s Lemonade Stand” by the Mincielli family – sold good ole fashioned lemonade to benefit CECPTA.
  • “Homemade Tortillas” by the Morales family – sold homemade tortillas made using a treasured family recipe to benefit CECPTA

 Sign up this year and get engaged with our community and teach our kids the value of giving back. The deadline to sign-up as a Kidtrepreneur is Friday, September 10!

Market your Business!

-Your name, 

-Your child’s name, 

-What you are selling/doing, 

-What time frame(s) they will be working, 

-Where you will be setting up, and 

-What price are you charging?

Every family who signs up will have an opportunity to match funds with family and friends and give a portion of the proceeds to one of CECPTA’s Community Outreach Partners!

We will use this info to compile a map of times and locations, services and prices, so we can support each other’s children with their entrepreneurial experiments all throughout the day on September 23rd

Even if you think your children are too little to participate or might not have time on 9/18, you can still contribute to Kidsgiving and North Texas Giving Day.

How every member can support CECPTA –

  1. Sign up for Kidsgiving Day on 9/18 to teach your child about the power of being a Kidtrepreneur and giving back. The deadline to sign-up is Friday, September 10!
  2. Support our CECPTA members and children on Kidsgiving Day, September 18th online and in person. 
  3. Make an early donation from 9/1 to 9/23 via the NTGD site!
  4. Advertise, share and comment on social media the week of NTGD. Posts with interactions get more views. When you spread the word to all your platforms, more of our community can get involved. Most importantly, share your WHY….WHY you continue to be apart of CECPTA and what CECPTA means to you.
  5. We would love to have companies match our donations, and Kidsgiving Day is an adorable and unique campaign that your company, your spouse’s or friend’s business could get behind. If you would like more information on how corporate matches can happen, please email cecptafundraising@gmail.com to help support you through the process.

Let’s show up for each other and make this year a success for CECPTA! I want to challenge every member to share your WHY! 

What’s my WHY? 

An anthropologist by the name of Dr. Paul Farmer believes that you must “create space so that others can work.” CECPTA is building community – a community of moms, a community of serving others, and a community that welcomes all families at a time in our lives when we are all trying our best to help our children grow into strong, vibrant, and confident little humans. 

Having other caregivers understand that struggle helps me be a better mom, partner, and woman. The 0-5 years of early childhood development are the most critical time for learning and development. I am so glad I have CECPTA as a resource for my family. 

Get involved today. Share your WHY. Show up for your CECPTA community. 

Molly and her husband Salo reside in Carrollton with their two boys, Jack and Nicholas, ages 2 and 4. Molly works for Dallas College, helping teams find solutions to complex problems and explore new possibilities. Molly truly believes in the power of community development, and before Dallas College, Molly worked as a K-12 school administrator and served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador. In her free time, Molly and her family enjoy being outdoors, camping, and hanging out at the pool! Molly joined CECPTA during her first maternity leave to find her mom community. This year, Molly is serving as the Fundraising Chair on the CECPTA Board. Reach out if you want to join in on the action!

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