Mama Moves for Heart Health Month

February is Heart Health Month, and what better way to get your heart pumping than to grab the little ones you love and DANCE!  I’ve created this short dance video series for parents and their kiddos, designed to get you and your little ones moving TOGETHER. And after you’ve shed some calories getting your groove on, check out this simple heart healthy recipe video that you can prepare with your kiddos to promote an overall healthy lifestyle!

Heart Healthy Recipe Step-by-Step: Coconut Curry Halibut with Green Beans and Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Whether you have a newborn, or a little one who’s already on the run, this video dance series includes several dances tailored to various ages and stages.  Mommies can get their hearts pumping and their bodies moving to work up a sweat and help build muscles for carrying those not-so-light kiddos and baby carriers.  Kids can have a blast listening to new music, working out their boundless energy, and playing together with their parents. And for our budding ballerinas, there’s even some basic choreography so kiddos can practice muscle memory, repetition, and learn how to combine movement with music.  From Justin Bieber to Queen to Whitney Houston, this playlist runs the gamut, so parents and kids will enjoy dancing along to these timeless songs. Depending on your fitness level or the time you have available, try one video for a quick 5-minute workout, or do all six for a complete 30-minute cardio blast!  One thing’s for sure, you’re guaranteed to break a sweat no matter how many videos you try. And if you want, you can revisit these again and again to work into a daily family dance party routine.

Remember, it’s not about how perfect you do the moves or how ridiculous you look while doing it.  It’s about fostering a connection between you and your child and having FUN together. Whether big or small, Dance is for Everyone and has plenty of physical, mental, and emotional benefits to boot! (Read more about all the benefits of dance HERE.)  So cast doubt aside, maximize the fun, and “Dance like nobody’s watching!”


Suggested Order for Workout Routine:

  1. Jump – Van Halen
  2. Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
  3. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
  4. Shake it – Metro Station
  5. Baby – Justin Beiber
  6. Joy to the World – Three Dog Night

About the Author

Kristin Merron is a boy-mom of two, William (3) and Benjamin (7 months), who resides in Carrollton, TX with her husband Matt. Originally from Chicago, IL she moved to Dallas, TX in 2011. She has a professional background in Communications and has worked as a full-time mom, a part-time mom, a work-from-home mom, and is now navigating life as a stay-at-home mom. She joined CECPTA in November 2019 and is part of the PURPLE and RED playgroups. When not quarantining from a global pandemic she enjoys travel, exploring new places in and around DFW with her kids, having date-night with her husband at the movies, playing board games with friends, and seeking out the best burger and queso at any number of area restaurants.

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