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Meet your Hospitality Chair, Lauren Williams!

It’s time to meet this year’s Hospitality Chair, Lauren Williams!  She has been a part of the PTA for about a year and a half and has been a board member for a year. She has one son, Vaughn, who just turned 2 years old.  Her favorite thing about CECPTA is having a group of moms that really help and look out for one another. “Having a toddler is crazy, especially with this being my first and I probably would have gone crazy long ago, if it weren’t for the support from the moms here. As my child is getting older, I also really appreciate him being able to socialize with children his own age that could become lifelong friends.”

When asked about the best parenting advice she’s ever received, Lauren said, “The best parenting advice I’ve ever received was that no amount of books or mom blogs can prepare you for raising a child, but you got this! Use those mom instincts and you’ll figure it out as you go along.”

Lauren has been in the food industry for several years.  Because of this, she started her child off eating normal table foods at 4 months since he seemed ready. She never once condescended to him about foods because he is young.  Now at 2 years old, he will eat stinky cheeses, salad, sushi and even some spicy foods. She believes that just because you have a toddler doesn’t mean they only want mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.  Along those lines, her go-to dinner recipe /meal, when running short on time, would be roasted bone in chicken breast/thighs with any vegetable that’s also good roasted (asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli) with rice and gravy.  All this about food makes me think of Chopped!  So I asked Lauren, if you were no longer a person, but instead were a basket of four secret ingredients in Chopped, what would you be? “Ahi tuna, ginger, sleepytime tea, tropical gushers.”  Interesting!

Now let’s dig a little deeper!  Lauren can name all 50 states in alphabetical order.  She has one younger sister and her favorite childhood memory is that her great grandparents were ranchers and they would spend all of their holidays and some weekends at “the farm” where they would chase chickens, pet the herding dogs, ride on 4 wheelers, etc. Her most wanted travel destination is Australia.

We invite you to come meet Lauren next week at our November General Meeting and Auction Finale! Lauren is hosting a Fall Food Fight for our meeting brunch and would love for you to participate! Check out the signup here and bring your favorite Fall dish for a chance to win a prize.

About the Author

Angelique is married to Jeffrey and they have one daughter, Kayleigh. They have been part of the CECPTA for 4 years now and we are in Yellow playgroup. She has served on the board for 3 years now, first on nursery team, then silent auction team, and currently as secretary.

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