about Playgroups

We regularly host activities, meet-ups, and playgroups to allow families to meet, play and grow together. These park days and playdates have become the stepping stone to lasting friendships. Check out the calendar below for upcoming opportunities.

Event Calendar

Playgroups are sorted by color, based on your child’s age. If you have multiple kids, you have access to each aligning age group’s calendar and siblings are always welcome to attend any event! We also regularly have RAINBOW events, which is our way of inviting all families from all color groups. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

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How to Create & Host a CECPTA Event

First, Sign up in your color group’s Sign-Up-Genius to host a playgroup for a specific week. (This link will be sent to your email from your Playgroup Coordinator or provided in your Color Group Facebook Group. Bookmark it for easy access!)

Now you are ready to create an event! Watch the video for details on how to create an event. Remember to write who is hosting and please do not add an image. 

Happy hosting!
Blue Group 9/2017-8/2018

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