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Pre-K from Home

As many of us determine what is best for each of our families the CECPTA Education Team brought in Susan Walker to educate us on how to homeschool our Pre-K aged children. She offered valuable advice and resources that I will share & after I will detail how I plan to implement her advice.

Advice from Susan Walker

  1. Set Realistic Expectations: You know your child and you know where they are at, Don’t compare to other kids!
  2. Use a Schedule: You don’t have to stick the schedule to a T, but have a schedule that you can loosely follow. This also assists in alleviating the toddler “what’s next” anxiety.
  3. Incorporate Brain Breaks & Play: Remember that Pre-K students need hands on learning.
  4. Create a Study Space: You do not need to create an entire area, but you do need a table & chair. Do not have school on the bed or the couch. Because the child is not going to be as focused.
  5. Set Rules: Set two or three simple classroom rules, such as; looking eyes, listening ears, & helping hands.
  6. Have a Routine: Set a morning routine that is followed to help get your child into the school mindset.
  7. Put Their Names Everywhere: EVERYWHERE! Make their names visible so they can recognize their name. While you are at it label all the things too!


I ended up setting up a homeschool corner for under $300 (thank you Amazon, Target, & reusing things I already had), which is as much as I would have paid to send my son to school twice a week for one month, so I’ll take it. If you haven’t visited Target’s dollar section then you are missing out on tons of homeschool items at PHENOMENAL prices! Though Susan mentioned that you don’t have to go all out, I work full time so I need a space next to my office space that will keep my kiddo busy (pictured above). After weeks of prep, our space is finally finished! Below I will talk about what I purchased and from where.


    • We had to purchase a desk and I wanted a rectangle desk, so that I could put things on top of it. After scouring the web, I finally found one on Amazon that I was a fan of, plus the reviews were great! https://amzn.to/30KxOGV
  • Play money – We have been having some issues with responsibility. I wanted to get something that could put tangibility on responsibility, plus teach two things!
    Actions have consequences & you have to earn what you want, even toys
    2. How to count money – adding & subtracting https://amzn.to/2CEnqIN
  • Table organizer – We are obsessed with being organized! Now more than ever! https://amzn.to/3f2RjiQ
  • The globe – IS. AMAZING. Everyone needs one! You need an IPhone or Android, but my son played with this all day & it was pretty awesome! This app uses the globe to teach culture, animals, and so much more. Thoroughly impressed! https://amzn.to/30Me5GT


  • I personally HATE wasting paper, I found the wipeable paper inset in the dollar section!
  • Whiteboard because I’m visual.
  • The abacus above was on sale in the kids area! Yes, ON SALE! RUN NOW!
  • Mini erasers for sorting, counting, & patterns per Susan’s advice! Plus, they’re shapes. Double win!
  • Notecards for all the things! $1 per pack! Say whatttt.
  • Organizers, because well duh.
  • All the posters – Did I need these? No, but want and need are two different things and want becomes a need at $1 each!

I hope this helps and y’all are less stressed. Thank you  to Susan’s easy steps to homeschool Pre-K. Here’s to a successful year! Can’t wait to go through this next chapter of our crazy lives with all of you, I am so happy that WE ARE NOT ALONE!

About Lauren Reynolds

Lauren is a mom of two kids, Wyatt (4) & Audrey (8 mo) … & the fur baby, also known as the OG, Luna Bella. (Oh & Mustard the fish). She is married to one heck of a guy, Troy, who she met in college. She has a Bachelors in Behavioral Analysis and a Masters in Social Work, currently she is navigating the life of a full time working mom as a hospice social worker for Centric, but has also juggled the jobs of stay at home mom & work at night mom. She is the RED playgroup coordinator and a member of the YELLOW playgroup. She loves cold brew, crafting, reading, and margarita nights with the hubs.

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