Domino’s Discount Pizza Card


CECPTA Buy One, Get One Free Reusable Domino’s Pizza Cards $6.00 for the whole year!

Do you and your family like FREE pizza?

CECPTA has partnered with our local Domino locations in Carrollton (and select surrounding locations) for a BOGO deal for the entire school year! One card for $6 (including tax).

100% of the proceeds (minus sales tax) from the card sales will go directly to CECPTA! This will help fund our social events and activities for the year! So go get your free pizza today!


This is a YEAR-LONG deal so come back and get more if you need more! (The cards are good now through July 2022)

Lastly, before ordering your pizzas, make sure to reference the back of the card for the list of participating locations. Stores not listed may not honor this deal.

Thank you for your support!


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