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School Daze

Back to school, wait what? Your child has been glued to your hip for the past four months and now they are discussing reopening schools. While some of you cheer for joy, others have hesitations – and that is okay! As parents navigating COVID, we’re making the best decisions for our families. So, how do we educate both groups of mamas? Here we go —>

Mamas who are sending your kiddos to school.

PreK or Kindergarten is a new experience for your child and regardless of a pandemic, it is SCARY, making this the absolute perfect storm for SEPARATION ANXIETY. Add on all of the talk our children hear about Coronavirus and their fears may be intensified, but warranted. So, how can you combat separation anxiety?

  1. Consistency – This is the key to all things. Be consistent with drop off. If you are taking your child to the door, then say goodbye at the door everyday. If you drop your child off in a drop-off line, then say goodbye everyday in that line. Do not change it up, do not try one way and then the other, another day. Stay consistent, because consistency builds comfort.
  2. Special Pin – Find a small pin off of Amazon. Pin this to your child’s shirt everyday (Also clean this pin everyday) so they can look at it and be reminded of mommy and daddy


  1. Spritz your child with your smell. Sounds weird, but this will make your kiddo feel closer to you.
  2. HUGS. Give a big, long hug and remind your child that you will come back!

Keeping your kiddos at home?

Homeschooling is tough. Whoever told you it isn’t, lied to you. I was homeschooled for one year as a kid. There is a reason it didn’t last longer than one year … and I wasn’t a PreK or Kinder student running amuck. When I hear homeschool and think of my PreK child, I think – so you want me to work full time, be a mom, be a wife, and now be a teacher, too? Have these people lost their minds?!?! Anyone else in this boat with me?

  1. You’ll see a trend with this one – CONSISTENCY. Be consistent – with our age group, we have to have schedules and stick to them. The schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone because c’mon who has time for that. Not this mama, but keeping to a close schedule will benefit your kiddos.
  2. Resources – find available resources! Find your teacher friends – we have teachers and past educators right here in the PTA! And thanks to our own awesome CECPTA member, Jessica Kelly Parker, your education team will be using all of our homeschooling members to create a plethora of homeschool lessons and videos. Basically put, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And this is why we joined this group!
  3. Supplies – be prepared! Know what you need to start this journey! A parent does not need a classroom, but a parent does need the same supplies as a classroom to homeschool. Keep an eye out for our Ten Most Wanted Homeschool Itemscoming soon.

Please remember that last sentence. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It does not matter what group of parents you are in, we are in this together, and we will help one another through this!

About Lauren Reynolds

Lauren is a mom of two kids, Wyatt (4) & Audrey (8 mo) … & the fur baby, also known as the OG, Luna Bella. (Oh & Mustard the fish). She is married to one heck of a guy, Troy, who she met in college. She has a Bachelors in Behavioral Analysis and a Masters in Social Work, currently she is navigating the life of a full time working mom as a hospice social worker for Centric, but has also juggled the jobs of stay at home mom & work at night mom. She is the RED playgroup coordinator and a member of the YELLOW playgroup. She loves cold brew, crafting, reading, and margarita nights with the hubs.

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