The BABY Affect

Recently doing some late-night scrolling on Facebook, I came across a sweet little letter posted by a Mommy blogger that was so heartwarming it inspired me to write my own little poem. You can see the original post HERE

Being a Mommy to a newborn baby is an insane, emotional rollercoaster, so I wanted to capture a little piece of my heart with these words written for my sweet baby.  I encourage you to picture your own precious angels as you read along. Here goes nothing…

The BABY affect

By Kristin Merron

Your eyes open
And suddenly mine feel so heavy

Nine months of literal blood, sweat, and tears
Have yielded something so Youthful, Organic, and Unique
What can only be described as YOU

Sweet baby, how is it that your toes are so tiny yet perfect?
Your round, smooth head is irresistible
It begs to be caressed like a puppy’s soft coat

When you’re under two feet tall, every inch of you is lovable
My kisses become magnetic to your miniature features

Those marshmallow thighs are so squishy and perfectly sweet
Fragile fingers yet a grip that can stop time

Staring into your big glassy eyes is like gazing into a crystal ball
You see the world with wonder and amazement

SWEET is too simple a word to describe your tenderness
Your scent is familiar of only you; desirable and indescribable

Your favorite place is propped up on my shoulder like a parrot on its perch
Your cheek, as soft as a silk scarf, brushes mine ever so gently
When we dance together cheek to chubby cheek, time stands still

Bliss Agony Belonging Yearning
BABY you fill me with it ALL
How can someone so small elicit such BIG feelings?

You smile because I’m smiling, And That is enough
Can we stay in this bubble, my beautiful bouncing bundle?

Innocence as beautiful and fragile as a melting icicle
Overflowing with charm
Your magic smile can erase all sadness

My favorite part about you is your perfect imperfections
How lucky am I to forever be your Mom-me?!

About the Author

Kristin Merron is a boy-mom of two, William (3) and Benjamin (6 months), who resides in Carrollton, TX with her husband Matt. Originally from Chicago, IL she moved to Dallas, TX in 2011. She has a professional background in Communications and has worked as a full-time mom, a part-time mom, a work-from-home mom, and is now navigating life as a stay-at-home mom. She joined CECPTA in November 2019 and is part of the PURPLE and RED playgroups. When not quarantining from a global pandemic she enjoys travel, exploring new places in and around DFW with her kids, having date-night with her husband at the movies, playing board games with friends, and seeking out the best burger and queso at any number of area restaurants.

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