CECPTA’s “BEST OF” List for Parents of Young Children

WHEW! Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief because we’ve officially made it through 2020! Now that we can put that dumpster fire of a year behind us, with a little time, we can also start to see the past through rose-colored glasses.  So in the spirit of reminiscing, instead of focusing on all the negative and figurative hoops 2020 had us jumping through; let’s celebrate the WINS that the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA Publicity Team were able to accomplish through the birth of their very own COVID-Baby – the CECPTA Blog – which launched in 2020.

In this article we’ll break down 10 Top-rated CECPTA Blog Posts from 2020 plus reintroduce you to some incredible bonus content!  Our amazing team of blogging Mommies and Daddies helped us launch this literary baby that has grown and thrived in spite of all the chaos of 2020. So without further ado, let the countdown begin!

#11. Bonding Over Board Games

Although this post didn’t quite make it into our Top 10, we couldn’t help but sneak it in because it’s got some great content! You may have missed this post since it was our first one, but make no mistake, we put our best foot forward!  This post is filled with great ideas to institute a Family Game Night with your kiddos no matter their age. The game suggestions may also come in handy as perfect gifts for any time of year!  This also happens to be our only post written by a CECPTA Dad (Scott Fisher). Check-mate!

#10.  Southern Food for the Easy Weeknight Win

Who doesn’t love a delicious and easy-to-follow dinner recipe?! It’s no wonder this post by Carrie Thomas spotlighting pulled pork was a CECPTA fan-favorite. An easy meal with suggestions for repurposing leftovers; we call that a Parenting-WIN!

#9.  Top 16 Kid-Friendly Walking Trails in Carrollton, TX

True to its title, this handy list assembled by Amber Gorski is one you’ll want to reference again and again. Whether you’re looking for a lengthy hike, or just planning a leisurely nature stroll with your kids, this list highlights all the hottest spots for accessing the outdoors in Carrollton.

#8. Seasons of Change

Everyone deserves a good cry now and then. This heartfelt post by CECPTA Mama Kristin Merron will have you clutching the tissue box and wishing your babies would never grow up.

#7.Eat Your Veggies, Taste the Rainbow!

With a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions, and usually health and fitness are at the top of the list.  This blog post by Jennifer Speer is a great one to revisit this time of year, with inspired ideas for ways to get your kids revved up about healthy eating. 

#6. Preschools in Carrollton, TX

While we can’t help you choose the perfect school for your child, we can make the researching process a little bit easier! This extensive list of Private and Public Preschools located in Carrollton, TX, assembled by Publicity Committee Member Amber Gorski, can assist you with your preschool search.

#5. Dia de los Muertos

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate, or just want to learn more about this traditional Mexican holiday, this post by CECPTA Board Education Chair and Hospitality Committee Member Lauren Reynolds is educational and full of great ideas!

#4. The Return to School – Teachers Weigh In

Now that the holidays are over, our children are once again returning to school. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, this interview-style post, created by Carrie Thomas, is a great reminder to keep our children and our teachers top-of-mind.  With suggestions for ways we can offer up support to all involved, as we navigate educating our children in the time of COVID, this blog serves as a healthy reminder to stay checked-in as we continue to face similar challenges in 2021.

#3. Reflect & Take A Selfie

Want to meet our amazing team of blogging Mommies?  This post serves as a great introduction to our incredible team of volunteer authors and is a great way to get to know more about fellow CECPTA members. Read this post and you’re guaranteed to learn something new about one of these Mamas!

#2. It’s Fall, Y’all!

If there’s one thing families of young children love it’s Pumpkin Patches! This popular post by CECPTA Education Children’s Programs Coordinator Jennifer Speer highlights some of DFW’s Top-Rated Pumpkin Patches. *BONUS* Because these pumpkin patches were all operational during COVID, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reference this list again for the 2021 Season, so save this post now!

#1. School in the time of COVID-19 

2020 was a hard year, and as parents to young children, the decision to keep kids home or send them back to school was a heartbreaking one no matter the choice. Sabeen Riaz of CECPTA Community Service and the Character and Spiritual Committee gives voice to the dilemma beautifully in this real, raw, and heartfelt post. She perfectly captures the difficult choices and emotions we are all navigating; which is why her post took the #1 spot for 2020! A loving reminder that even without the cape, we can be the heroes in the eyes of our children. Mama you got this!

So there you have it!  A listing of our most popular posts from CECPTA’s inaugural blog team.  Be sure to bookmark this page so you can reference this great content in the future. Because even though we may want to forget 2020 entirely; we have to admit that amongst all the coal, there were a few golden nuggets that were worth keeping – and our CECPTA Blog baby is one of them!

Keep following us in 2021 as we continue to grow, evolve, and strive to provide you with great content; curated and inspired with YOU (the members of the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA) in mind!  Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2021! – Your CECPTA Blog Team

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Kristin Merron is a boy-mom of two, William (3) and Benjamin (6 months), who resides in Carrollton, TX with her husband Matt. Originally from Chicago, IL she moved to Dallas, TX in 2011. She has a professional background in Communications and has worked as a full-time mom, a part-time mom, a work-from-home mom, and is now navigating life as a stay-at-home mom. She joined CECPTA in November 2019 and is part of the PURPLE and RED playgroups. When not quarantining from a global pandemic she enjoys travel, exploring new places in and around DFW with her kids, having date-night with her husband at the movies, playing board games with friends, and seeking out the best burger and queso at any number of area restaurants.

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